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Validation Controls

In this guest video post Meetu Choudhary is going to define all about asp.net validation controls. Meetu is not only an MVP but also she is the first female MVP of Jaipur, she is running many Technical portals like: Jaipurmentor, msdotnetmentor.

XAML in .net : A Step Ahead Series

XAML : stands for eXtensible Application Markup Language and pronounced as zammel“. XAML combined with the next-gen Windows graphics kernel (code-named Avalon) is an all-in-one markup language for hypertext (HTML), vector graphics (SVG), animations (Flash,SMIL), print documents (PDF,XSL-FO), forms (XForms,XUL), and much more. The best of both worlds: In the XAML world there’s no longer

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How to review .net application?

This is not the end when any application has been developed. After development there are many steps which must have to pass by an application. The same process is know as Code-Review process. Here are certain guidelines which are assembled by me for my work, I hope these will suits you. Your comments and further

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Just-in-Time [JIT]

JIT compiler is a crucial component of the .NET framework. The JIT compiler converts IL to machine code, which is then executed. The JIT compiler does not compile the entire code at once because it could hamper the performance of the program. It compiles the code at runtime, at the time it is called. The

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Common Language Runtime [CLR]

Let’s rewind our mind to ancient era, when there is no existence of CLR concept, what happened when we invoke the language program or code. Basically, languages consist both compiler and runtime environment. Compiler converts or compiles code to executable files [known as PE (Portable file) files], which can be run by the users, in

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