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Just-in-Time [JIT]

JIT compiler is a crucial component of the .NET framework. The JIT compiler converts IL to machine code, which is then executed. The JIT compiler does not compile the entire code at once because it could hamper the performance of the program. It compiles the code at runtime, at the time it is called. The

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Common Language Runtime [CLR]

Let’s rewind our mind to ancient era, when there is no existence of CLR concept, what happened when we invoke the language program or code. Basically, languages consist both compiler and runtime environment. Compiler converts or compiles code to executable files [known as PE (Portable file) files], which can be run by the users, in

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.NET framework

.NET framework is a Tool, which provides an environment for building, deploying and running web services and other application. It also predicts from above figure that .NET framework [see fig11] consists of CLR and a single of unit of complete set of Class Libraries, provides the scarcity to develop Windows applications and Web Application with

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Working with Stored procedures

Stored procedure helps to make your work easy. With the help of these you just have to supply some parameters only. The Code snippet using storedprocedures describes a way to use stored procedures.

Working with Transactions

Whenever you have to update more than one table or destinations then it must have to sure that the operation done successfully because some time it has been seen that one table updated but due to some error another(s) not. To overcome this problem you have Transactions. In ADO.Net transactions are initiated by calling BeginTransaction()

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Testing a Private Assembly

Lets start to create a client application for privateassembly, Open a notepad and write following code [till now you have not created any client application using visual studio, you will do the same very soon in ASP.Net section]. For this example lets create a client application using Console application from templates pane [windows applications are

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Creating a Private Assembly

In Visual Studio .NET there is always an assembly whether you choose a class library project or an exe project. Now, let’s start some practical work. Start Visual Studio 2005 Choose a new C# project [File -> New Project] From template pane choose Class Library Template Set the Location : F:myWrittingsCSharpBookSource Codes Name : privateAssembly

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