Step-by-step installation of NDepend v6 professional


A few days back, I was looking for some tool to analyse my .Net Application, I am aware of many tools like FxCop etc. But, I need something different to get the inside of my application.
Then, I came to know about NDepend.

In this short post, I am sharing my installation experience of NDepend v6 professional:

Steps to Install NDepend

1. Go to NDepend


2. Click on Download from top menu bar, choose your appropriate role, provide your emailid and click on 'START 14-DAY TRIAL'


3. If you have License, just scroll down the download page. Enter your license ID and click on 'Download Professional Edition'


"I've my license key so, I started download of Professional edition"

4. Now go to your download location, unzip files to folder of your own choice.

"Please note that Don't unzip files in '%ProgramFiles%NDepend'. This could provoke problems because of Windows protection.

5. Followings are the extracted files of my folder:


Skip this step if you installed TRIAL version

6. Go to your folder, where you extracted files and copy 'NDependProLicense.xml' file, which you should receive on registered emailid.


And we're done!

Just double click 'VisualNDepend.exe' from your NDepend folder and you're ready to play with your applications inside.

Few important points:
1. I can install Visual Studio Extension too (Just double click on 'NDepend.VisualStudioExtension.Installer.exe' from your NDepend folder.
2. It provides me easy to start - Just need to hit start
3. Here is the list of features:

Want to learn more and need to try

So, you liked it awesome! Now, its time to give a try, if you really want to try professional version (paid version) write to me or you can directy reach to NDepend team.

Stay tune for more updates and articles!

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