What is Test Driven Development?

I wasn’t aware untill I read this post : TDD Katas. Joseph Bulger is one who encourage me to start this, thanks Jose. I am still looking for more explanatory articles/lectures/things for TDD Kata. Here is what my understanding for the same with reference to Osherove and Jose’s writing:

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Silverlight Games Site – Silverlight Club

Its a great day for me, on 01st April’2009 finally Silverlight Game Site launched. The main motive of Silverlight Club is to promote Microsoft Silverlight . Tony John is the Founder and Admin of the Site. I am taking as a Webmaster of the site. We are looking some good Silverlight Experts , also we…

April 17, 2009 | by

XAML in .net : A Step Ahead Series

XAML : stands for eXtensible Application Markup Language and pronounced as zammel“. XAML combined with the next-gen Windows graphics kernel (code-named Avalon) is an all-in-one markup language for hypertext (HTML), vector graphics (SVG), animations (Flash,SMIL), print documents (PDF,XSL-FO), forms (XForms,XUL), and much more. The best of both worlds: In the XAML world there’s no longer…

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A Simple VideoPlayer Custom COntrol – Uses in application

In my previous post, I have presented a Video Player Custom control which plays all type of streaming media. Now, here I am presenting a simple way to apply the same custom control in web application. File Name : VideoPLayerCustomControl.aspx<%@ Page Language=”C#” AutoEventWireup=”true” CodeFile=”VideoPLayerCustomControl.aspx.cs” Inherits=”VideoPLayerCustomControl” %> <%@ Register TagPrefix=”whPlayer” TagName= “vaPlayer” Src=”~/videoPlayer.ascx” %><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC…

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A VideoPlayer – Custom Control

Some day ago, I have faced a little problem to show streaming contents on my Web-Projects, I have gone through many R & d’s and then decided to write a custom control for the same, then I have written a custom control. Here, the same, I want to share with you:File Name : videoPlayer.ascx <%@…

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