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Session : Basics of Silverlight

Today, I had a Session on Basics of Silverlight Highlights Session is started after Chandershekhar’s Speech on VS2010 and a Small session thereon. Start with the basics What is Silverlight? Why we use Silverlight? Framework and Architectural view of Silverlight? Sumed up with how to create a Simple Application. The attendees are very good, there

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Free Online Sessions

Lets finger crossed we have started Free Online Sessions Session Details of 22nd November’2009 1. Declarative WebForms Routing by Chandrashekar Thota 2. Dynamic Metadata by Chandrashekar Thota 3. Silverlight Basics by Gaurav Arora 4. Microsoft Chart Control by Kiran Kumar Koyelada Visit for more detail:

Appreciation from DotnetSpider

Its a gain a Good Morning for me: My hat-trick in DotNetspider I want to share with all of you guys that in the month of october I made hat-trick, I got three consequent awards from, for my involvement in the community. Refer to the Announcements: method at a glance method is very good when we need some client scripting. Many people ask me why we the need of method we can you some others too for the purpose to open the popup windows.DescriptionIn simple words, method is used when we need to open some popup messages or need some extra results for clients. The syntax of

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What is a Lambda expression?

A Lambda expression is nothing but an Anonymous Function, can contain expressions and statements. Lambda expressions can be used mostly to create delegates or expression tree types. Lambda expression uses lambda operator => and read as ‘goes to’ operator. Left side of this operator specifies the input parameters and contains the expression or statement block

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