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How to Serve Static Assets Using ExpressJS

Learn how to use ExpressJS’ built-in middleware function for serving static assets in this tutorial by Eddy Wilson Iriarte Koroliova, a senior full-stack developer and JavaScript specialist with the MERN stack. What is MERN? The MERN stack is a solution composed of four main components: MongoDB: A database that uses a document-oriented data model ExpressJS: A web application framework

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Building Microservices with .NET Core 2.0 - Second Edition

Book:Building Microservices with .NET Core 2.0 – Second Edition

After the warm success, great love from readers to Building Microservices with .NET Core and a great demand I started writing a second version after more than 3-months hard-work its up and available for readers. This book is written in such a way so you can Architect your .NET applications by breaking them into really small pieces

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Learn C# in 7 days

Book: Learn C# in 7 days

I am using C# as a programming language from its inception. Now, its 17-years when C# founded. I spoke in several events (for students, freshers and professionals) on C#. This books has written to encourage students, freshers and professionals (who want to start with C#). This is not possible to complete book without the guidance

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