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ref – out : at a glance

The ref The ref keyword causes argument passed by reference. The effect is that any chnages is made to the parameter in the method will be reflected in that variable when control passes back to the calling method. To use a ref parameter, both the method definition and the calling method must explicitly use the

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Control State, Partial Class, Iterators, Nullable – At a glance

Control State Control State is a new feature added in Asp.net2.0 framework. Control state is very similar to View State, where value is stored in the hidden_VIEWSTATE form field, with a little difference i.e. Control State cannot be disabled. Control state is intended to be used only for storing crucial information across postbacks. Partial Classes

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Classes and Structures

Lets take these in general words, these are template from which you define object to access their functionalities. The programmers of C++ and Java are well aware from these two names. Till now from above reading you new that Classes are reference type and structures are value type so they are stored on Heap and

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