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Why Alibaba Cloud?

We all know Alibaba and how big a brand it is. Alibaba Cloud is a Alibaba company that was launched in September 2009. This is Alibaba’s step into PAAS market which already has big players. It offers services such as data storage, content delivery networks (CDN), big-data processing, relational databases, and Anti-DDoS protection under Alibaba

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How to Serve Static Assets Using ExpressJS

Learn how to use ExpressJS’ built-in middleware function for serving static assets in this tutorial by Eddy Wilson Iriarte Koroliova, a senior full-stack developer and JavaScript specialist with the MERN stack. What is MERN? The MERN stack is a solution composed of four main components: MongoDB: A database that uses a document-oriented data model ExpressJS: A web application framework

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