Book:Building Microservices with .NET Core 2.0 – Second Edition

After the warm success, great love from readers to Building Microservices with .NET Core and a great demand I started writing a second version after more than 3-months hard-work its up and available for readers.

Building Microservices with .NET Core 2.0 - Second Edition

This book is written in such a way so you can Architect your .NET applications by breaking them into really small pieces with the help of practical/examples.

Book writing is not an easy job, as it takes time a lot of time. Sometimes, it needs your personal/family time. So, I want to thank all who motivated me and allowed me to spend time with this book, which I was supposed to spend with them. My first thank you goes to my wife, Shuby Arora, for her constant support throughout. Then, I would like to thank my angel, Aarchi Arora. I would also like to thank the entire Packt team, especially Vikas Tiwari, Jash Bavishi, Diwakar Shukla, Ulhas Kambale, and Denim Pinto for their overnight support. Without the technical reviewer, it’s hard to make the content appealing to the readers. So, I would like to thank Jeffrey Chilberto whose precise and to-the-point reviews enriched the book’s content. I would also like to thank the entire MVP community,
especially Deepak Rajendra – Indian MVP Lead. His words and support further fuelled my desire to write this book. A special thanks to Shivprasad Koirala, who guided me from time to time at various junctures of writing this book. Thanks to the TechNet Wiki community, the Azure community, and to all the lovely folks: Ronen, Kamlesh, Arlan, Syed, Peter Geelen, Pedro aka Pete Laker, and all other champs. Thanks to my friends who motivated me: Chandershekhar Thota, Kanwwar Manish, Ram Nath Rao, Lalit Kale, Pooja (the champ), and Tadit (the bug trapper).

Finally, a hearty thanks to Ed Price for his in-depth knowledge and his suggestions to improve the various sections of this book.

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About Book

First edition: June 2017
ISBN: 9781785887833
Second edition: Dec 2017
ISBN: 9781788393331

Microservices is an architectural style that promotes the development of complex applications as a suite of small services based on business capabilities. This book will help you identify the appropriate service boundaries within the business. You’ll start by looking at what microservices are, and what the main characteristics are. Throughout this book you will grab how to start transitioning your monolithic application to microservices.

Table of Contents

    • Origin of microservices
    • Discussing microservices
    • Monolithic architecture
    • Understanding the microservice architecture
    • Why should we use microservices?
    • How does the microservice architecture work?
    • Advantages of microservices
    • SOA versus microservices
    • Prerequisites of the microservice architecture
    • Understanding the problems with the monolithic architectural style
    • Prerequisites for microservices
    • Identifying decomposition candidates within monolithic
    • Overview of Azure Service Fabric
    • Summary
    • Introduction
    • Size of microservices
    • What makes a good service?
    • DDD and its importance for microservices
    • The concept of seam
    • Communication between microservices
    • Revisiting the Flix One case study
    • Summary
    • Communication between services
    • Integration patterns
    • Summary
    • How to test microservices
    • Testing strategies (testing approach)
    • Testing pyramid
    • Types of microservice tests
    • Tests in action
    • Summary
    • Monolithic application deployment challenges
    • Understanding the deployment terminology
    • Prerequisites for successful microservice deployments
    • Isolation requirements for microservice deployment
    • Need for a new deployment paradigm
    • Containers
    • Introducing Docker
    • Summary
    • Security in monolithic applications
    • Security in microservices
    • Summary
    • Instrumentation and telemetry
    • The need for monitoring
    • Monitoring challenges
    • Monitoring strategies
    • Logging
    • Monitoring in Azure Cloud
    • Other microservice monitoring solutions
    • Summary
    • Scalability overview
    • Scaling infrastructure
    • Microservice scalability
    • Scaling the infrastructure
    • Scaling service design
    • Summary
    • Understanding reactive microservices
    • Let’s make code reactive
    • Event communication
    • Managing data
    • The microservice ecosystem
    • Coding reactive microservices
    • Summary
    • Architectures before microservices
    • Monolith transitioning
    • Monitoring
    • Monitoring strategies
    • Reactive microservices
    • Greenfield application
    • Summary

Sample chapter

Planning to buy this book, here is a sample chapter for you go and start reading until you get the book in your hands, here is sample chapter link:

About Author(s)

Gaurav Aroraa

Gaurav Aroraa has done M.Phil in computer science. He is a Microsoft MVP, certified as a scrum trainer/coach, XEN for ITIL-F, and APMG for PRINCE-F and PRINCE-P. Gaurav serves as a mentor at IndiaMentor, webmaster of dotnetspider, contributor to TechNet Wiki, and co-founder of Innatus Curo Software LLC. In the 19+ years of his career, he has mentored thousands of students and industry professionals. You can reach Gaurav via his blog, LinkedIn, and twitter handle (@g_arora).

About Reviewer(s):

Author(s) write their story on the paper and reviewers(s) polished that story for audience, thanks to all great reviewer(s) for their splendid job.

Jeff Chilberto is a software consultant specializing in the Microsoft technical stack, including Azure, BizTalk, MVC, WCF, and SQL Server. Since his graduation in 1993, Jeff has worked in a wide range of industries, including banking, telecommunications, education, gaming, and healthcare in the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. A founding member of the Azure Development Community, Jeff’s focus is on Azure solution architecture and on the development and promotion of the Azure technology and services.

How to get this book?

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Your feedback is very important that help me to understand & help me to improve contents (if any) further.

What I get during this journey?

  • No doubt, more in-depth learning on the subject
  • Friends from PACKT
  • necessity is the mother of invention, during this book, I did not find any way to describe/test Consumer driven contract in .NET Core, hence came to conclusion and started open source project Pact net core.
  • Started a knowledge portal on Microservices right way.

Thanks for giving your time and joining me!


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