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Testing a Private Assembly

Lets start to create a client application for privateassembly, Open a notepad and write following code [till now you have not created any client application using visual studio, you will do the same very soon in ASP.Net section]. For this example lets create a client application using Console application from templates pane [windows applications are

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Creating a Private Assembly

In Visual Studio .NET there is always an assembly whether you choose a class library project or an exe project. Now, let’s start some practical work. Start Visual Studio 2005 Choose a new C# project [File -> New Project] From template pane choose Class Library Template Set the Location : F:myWrittingsCSharpBookSource Codes Name : privateAssembly

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How to view an Assembly

To view the assembly means to view the IL code, ILDASM converts the whole exe ordll into IL Code. To start the same: Go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8SDKv2.0Bin and then double clickon ildasm.exe Open SDK command prompt and type ildasm Now in ildasm open assembly File -> Open [or ctrl+O] Double click on

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