Alibaba Cloud: Table Storage

With ever-increasing and varying volume data storage needs posing a challenge for the Architects of Enterprise Platforms everyday now. The solution is in reach. One of the results of amalgamation of many years of experience gained by Alibaba Cloud and resulting varied technologies in Alibaba Cloud is – Table Store. Let’s see what exactly it…

September 12, 2018 | by

Alibaba Cloud-based e-commerce solution

Introduction The current state of e-commerce is highly dynamic and it has never been the same; riding on the great strides that technology has taken and provided impetus to innovations in the domain such as online payments and social networking thus spurring online consumer retail behaviour. The entrepreneurs see this as a great opportunity and…

September 4, 2018 | by

How to Serve Static Assets Using ExpressJS

Learn how to use ExpressJS’ built-in middleware function for serving static assets in this tutorial by Eddy Wilson Iriarte Koroliova, a senior full-stack developer and JavaScript specialist with the MERN stack. What is MERN? The MERN stack is a solution composed of four main components: MongoDB: A database that uses a document-oriented data model ExpressJS: A web application framework…

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Lead Scrum Masters

Grow sprints so that as an end result, we improve overall outcomes. Growing brand integration in order to be CMSable. Synchronise agile with a goal to further your reach. Execute below the line so that as an end result, we use best practice.

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