How to view an Assembly

To view the assembly means to view the IL code, ILDASM converts the whole exe or
dll into IL Code. To start the same:

  • Go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8SDKv2.0Bin and then double click
    on ildasm.exe
  • Open SDK command prompt and type ildasm
  • Invoking ILDASM

  • Now in ildasm open assembly File -> Open [or ctrl+O]
  • Opening ILDASM

  • Double click on the MANIFEST
  • Viewing Assembly MANIFEST

  • If you want to view mathclass, just double click on it
  • Viewing Class

  • For further information about the methods just do the same as you did in above case
  • Viewing Method


This is a very important part of an assembly. It describes the full information
of an assembly, so, in general words it contains metadata of an assembly. Manifest
is a container of metadata of an assembly, which contains the followings:

  • Name, version info, culture info etc.
  • Identity of security
  • Scope of assembly
  • Resolve references to resources and classes.

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