Alibaba Cloud: Website Threat Inspector (WTI)

Business presence in today’s world is incomplete without a Domain address. Such is the impact of the domain address that at time corporations end up buying parked domain names for a huge premium.

However, for a small business it means having a domain name closest to their legal entity name and have a website up and running. Typically, these websites contain brief background of the business nature, business owners, contact details for the business, graphics illustrating their nature of business and portfolio.

Apart from this there will be some functionality like email or feedback form. It is very much possible that despite the nature and size of the business hackers might cause damage to the website and business by following actions:

  1. Deface the site
  2. Post illicit contents
  3. Utilize the exposed email accounts to send out mass mailers.
  4. Steal client data from feedback forms

Even if there wasn’t loss of the client data or financial loss due to over utilized email facility for mass mailing. There could be immense financial loss as the people after seeing the defaced site – would refrain from making financial transactions or even coming to your site.

This means that monetization of the web presence would be a failure – which can effectively kill a business in today’s time.

So, when we have a website with little budget for a security expert – whom do we turn to. Alibaba Website Threat Inspector – is the answer.

Let’s see what are the detection features of this product from Alibaba cloud.

  1. Trojan
  2. Weak Passwords
  3. Webpage

In order to do this bit, it scans all the code, text and images. This is worthwhile to note here that the image scanning and detection has lot of algorithms running in the background – and is completely human independent process.
WTI vulnerability detecting is highly accurate and has built in multi-layered verification, ruling out false alarms. There is a matured and comprehensive decision making and model-based analysis.

To top it off in case you need to speak to someone who sounds human, there is a team of experts who will guide you through any questions that you might have related to scanning results.

You don’t even have to worry about the number of times you can run the scans. You can run the scans unlimited number of times and set various alarms based upon threat levels.

Depending upon your need there are many more security related products that are worthwhile and suitable to fit all needs and plan like Server Guard, Content Moderation, Anti DDOS and Gameshield to name a few.

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